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dforeman.me Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

I take your privacy very seriously! Any personal information you provide to me by any means will never be sold, rented, otherwise distributed or made public without your express consent. Any personally identifiable information would only be disclosed to the relevant authorities if required to do so by law.

Data Controller

The data controller for dforeman.me is....

NameDaniel Foreman
Phone+44 (0)7541 402 322



When making payment using PayPal, the information related to both the invoice and the payment of that invoice are stored on the PayPal servers for three years following payment of the relative invoice and is also stored in an encrypted manner on my main system and two offline external hard drives for tax purposes. This data is only accessible to me using a randomly generated password.

Personally identifiable information stored in relation to the creation and sending of PayPal invoices will at a minimum consist of the email address(es) used for project communications (including relative project CC recipients where applicable) and may also contain a geographical/physical address if this has been provided.

When paying an invoice, the email address and geographical/physical address of the person making payment (either from the details stored in the relative PayPal account or the details they enter at payment time if they do not have a PayPal account) will be stored as detailed above.


Reminders regarding unpaid invoices will be sent out every Thursday starting from the week following invoice creation for the project that the invoice reminder relates to.



Should you choose to send me an email directly at dan@dforeman.me, the information in your email will be stored securely on the dforeman.me web server and will be accessible in a secure manner only to myself unless you request otherwise in your email directly or by use of your TO, CC and BCC fields.

The content in your email will not be shared with any third party without your consent unless there is a requirement to do so by law. Emails are erased from the dforeman.me web server when periodic backups are made to my two encrypted offline archive hard drives.

Automated Response

When I am away from the office for an extended period, you may receive an Automated Response if you send me a direct email. The response you receive is an automated email that I have asked the dforeman.me web server to send out on my behalf to anyone who sends me an email when I know that I am not going to be replying to emails within a normal space of time. The contents of your email, including your email address and subject, are not processed in any other way by the dforeman.me web server's automated response system.


When sending me an email directly, your email address passes through a filter that moves your email to selected folders in my inbox in order to optimize the services I provide. your email address is not stored or processed in any other way by this filtering system.



Calls both to and from my number are recorded for quality and security reasons. These recordings are stored securely using encryption and may be copied to your encrypted container if the contents of the call are required for a relative project. Any information you provide in any phone call made to me will never be shared with anyone unless you explicitly consent to this or I am required to do so by law.


If I am not available to take your call and you decide to leave a voicemail, the voicemail will be handled in the same way as phone calls. Any instances of this voicemail will be deleted from my voicemail inbox, call recording system and any project related encrypted containers (see projects below) once it is no longer required.

Text Messages (SMS)

If you choose to send me a text message, the content of this text message will only be accessible to myself and will never be shared with anyone else unless you explicitly request this or I am required to do so by law. Any text messages sent to me will be deleted from my phone once they have been read and are no longer required.

LinkedIn Messages

All messages sent to me using the LinkedIn message system are only visible to myself and will never be shared with anyone else without your express consent. Personally identifiable information contained within messages will only be stored for as long as the information contained within these messages is required to achieve it's intended task.

Any message you send will contain a link to your LinkedIn profile page and also your profile picture. Once this data is no longer required for business and/or legal purposes, the messages will be deleted from my LinkedIn messages inbox.


If you choose to use WhatsApp to make contact with me, your messages/calls (including video calls) are protected using end to end encryption. The contents of any communications made via WhatsApp will not be shared with anyone else without your permission unless I am required to do so by law. Any content related to WhatsApp communications will be erased once it is no longer required.



A separate encrypted container is used to store your active project files (or that of the company you work for if your projects involve many employees of the same company). The data in your encrypted container is only unlocked by a randomly generated password when your projects are being worked on.

This means that in the event of loss or theft of any device/system holding your project data, your project data still remains hidden/protected and your project data safe. Project data (or the project container itself if no projects remain in your container) is securely erased once project payment has been received.

Google Drive

Some projects result in files that are too large to send by email, in these instances and where no other arrangments have been agreed upon, Google Drive will be used to provide you with access to your project data. This content will be shared only to you and will not be shared with anyone else (unless I am required to do so by law) via either a randomly generated link or by sharing directly with another Google account at your request.

All project data will be deleted from my Google Drive account, one calendar month after being uploaded unless otherwise agreed.


Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checking service that may be used to improve the quality of wording in your project. All the text uploaded to my account on this service is checked for problems and the relative changes are made to your project contents.

This content is temporarily stored on my online Grammarly account and is removed/deleted as soon as it is no longer required.


At key points of your project, a copy of your project is sent to a temporary encrypted archive located on my main system (if feasible). The data stored in this temporary archive is routinely moved to two separate offline encrypted archives for long-term storage and the old data is erased from the temporary archive.

Cold Projects

If an active project goes cold (no communication is received from yourself in regards to questions related to the relative active project) and no reason can be found, the project will be securely archived as a cold project and you will receive a notification regarding this.

This archived cold project can later be recovered and resumed once all the reasons for the project becoming cold have been resolved.

About The dforeman.me Web Server

The web server used the dforeman.me website and services is/are provided by HostPresto who use UK based data centres to make sure this website is always available. All traffic (transfer of files) between the dforeman.me website and your web browser is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS via Cloudflare.


Website Visitor Tracking

No visitor tracking technologies (i.e. Google Analytics) are currently being used to collect information on your visits to the dforeman.me website.

Website Cookies

No cookies (Session, Permanent or Third Party) are currently being used by the dforeman.me website.

Contact Form

If you make contact using my contact form, the information you provide will be securely sent to my web server (via HTTPS) and checked to make sure it safe to send. Once this is done it will then be compiled into an email that will be sent to dan@dforeman.me in a similar way to how you would send me a direct email but with added information in relation to the messages originating from the contact form and information related to when you accepted the contact forms privacy statement.

Any and all information including that deemed personally identifiable will only be used to provide resolution to the message you send and will never be shared with anyone else unless I am required to do so by law.


Testimonials containing any personally identifiable information are only displayed on this website once express permission confirming that the use of such content has been granted by the testimonial's author.

If you are the author of a testimonial used on this website and wish to have it changed or removed, please feel free to email me at dan@dforeman.me and after confirming the authenticity of both yourself and your request, I will be happy to make the requested changes.

Example Web Page Forms

Forms in the example web pages section of this website are configured in a way to prevent form submission using the relative buttons. Nothing will happen if you try to submit any of the forms on these example web pages and as such, any information you enter into fields of these pages will not leave your system.


Data Access

If you wish to see a structured list of any or all information I hold about you and how it is used, please feel free to send me an email at dan@dforeman.me and your request will be dealt with within 28 days once adequate measures have been taken to confirm your identity.

The first time this information is provided and any fair future requests for this same information will be provided free of charge. Any data access requests that are found to be manifestly unfounded, repetitive or excessive will incur a fee which will need to be paid prior to your request being processed.

Data Portability

If you want me to provide any information I hold about you directly to a third party, this can be done by sending an email with the information you wish to be sent and to what third-party to dan@dforeman.me. Once your identity has been confirmed, the data you requested will be compiled into a structured list and sent to the third-party as by your request.

Data Rectification

If you believe the data that I hold about you is incorrect or needs to be updated, you can request to have this rectified by emailing me at dan@dforeman.me and the relevant information will be updated as soon as possible once your identity has been confirmed.

Data Erasure

You have the right to have your data erased from my systems (Sometimes referred to as the right to be forgotten). You can request this by sending an email to me at dan@dforeman.me requesting that all or part of your data be removed from my systems.

All information where possible will be removed as long as there is no legal requirement to retain it. Please be aware that any information used for invoicing and payment purposes has to be retained due to legal obligations for 7 years from the last relative invoice payment date and as such, will not be erased until this time has passed.

Data Breaches

All unlawful data breaches of systems related to the running of dforeman.me, be it, web server, locally stored data, or that of any third party data processors will be reported to any and all relative persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is identified that any of the data involved in the breach can result in an individual becoming personally identifiable.

Third Party


Third parties may be used to process a minimum amount of personal data on my behalf. The third party's in question are listed below along with what they are used for and links to their privacy policies. These third parties have been carefully chosen and it is my belief and understanding that all of them comply with current legislation.

UsageSecure Browsing
ProcessorGoogle Drive
UsageCloud Storage
UsageQuality of Service
UsageWeb/Email Server
UsageNetworking & Communications
UsageInvoicing & Payments


Links to third-party websites may be present in different locations around the dforeman.me website and in communications made by myself to you. Using those links to visit these websites may allow third parties to collect or share data about you. How your data is used by these third-party websites is controlled by the third-party and information about how they use your information can be found in the relative third-party’s privacy policy.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will change from time to time to keep it in line with legislation or developments in the industry. Website visitors and my clients will not be informed about these changes directly. Due to this, it is recommended that you check this page from time to time for any changes to this privacy policy.

Last updated on August 12th 2019