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About Me

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Motivation gained from surviving cancer now creates a desire to achieve what was once only thoughts and wishes, I pride myself on getting the best results in everything that is undertaken and always strive to achieve a better result in a given task each time it is performed, a keen eye for detail, a love of learning new skills, Improving existing tasks and an ability to see the positive in any negative situation are just a few of my abilities that allow me to strive in many situations. Because of this, I am happy to attempt any task that I believe to be within my ability and use this to make myself as versatile as possible.


Pay As You Go Rates

per hour or part thereof
If you wish to take advantage of my skills and knowledge in your own projects on an hourly basis in a dynamic way instead then having a project contract, this is for you.
per hour or part thereof
Sometimes you need someone to advise and give guidance on a specific subject rather than someone to do a task for you so that you can continue on your own.

Per Project Contracts

Custom contracts for your project can be arranged in order to set a set fee for your project meaning that you do not need to worry about a project taking longer than you expected on an hourly basis. If you know exactly what you want from your project, this would be the best option for you.